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Smart. Service.

Real estate is simple. It's keeping it simple that's really hard.

Hello, I'm Reba Saxon. I'm a broker who teaches new and seasoned realtors contract law, agency law, ethics, technology, marketing, and green building and remodeling. And my services cost the same as a brand new agent.

Did you know that the Texas real estate sales contract contains 26 outs for a buyer? I know them all and teach them all.

What That Means to a Buyer

Why is that important to you? Well, if you're a buyer, you need a strong negotiator who knows where to push, where to give, and where to stand firm. And if you are thinking of purchasing a new home, you need someone who knows contracts to make sure you know what you are getting into with a builder's contract. Unlike our Texas contract, it is not based on consumer law to protect the buyer. Quite the contrary. And you need someone who listens to you, digests what you communicate, knows how to do the research for you, and brings you ideas and resources that will benefit you. Many of my clients now live happily in homes that would not have been on their radar if not for what I brought to them

What That Means to a Seller

If you're a seller, you need to know that you have 2 outs in our contract. Our Texas real estate contract is based on consumer law, and the buyer is the consumer. You are like some giant manufacturer with a product worth many thousands of dollars! That means that my job becomes tightening and eliminating all of the loopholes I can, closing them as soon as possible, making doggedly sure that the transaction will close on time since all of your plans hinge on that. I've bought and sold enough properties of my own to know that seller dollars and buyer dollars are distinctly different. To a buyer, what's another $1000? Ten dollars a month? Who cares? But to a seller, that's one thousand smackeroos flying out of your wallet on closing day. I understand, and treat your money like it was my own.

Hire a Pro

Hire the Best, and if you are a teacher like me, you get a discount! See more about it under Sellers or Buyers pages.